Unable to dismiss incident in the app and missing notifications

Dismissing an incident on the app, typically, says ‘everything ok’ and the status turns green. However, this is not happening anymore for me — the status is still ‘intrusion detected’. This also seems to be affecting notifications. I am not getting push notifications for new incidents. Is anyone experiencing this issue?

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Hi, was just checking if someone from support can take a look? I don’t get any notifications because of this, so its really crippling. Please help!

I am having the same issue. I can’t dismiss anything.

Same issue here. I am getting no notifications either while this is happening… making the system essentially useless to me

I am having the same issue and the system is useless as I do not get any notifications. This has been going on for 2 days now. Anyone have a possible fix?

Same thing here. possiblly related to the new verison of the mobile app?

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Nope not the mobile app. Downgraded to 2.0.6 and the same thing is happening.

Anyone hear anything useful from support? I’m getting the run around…

I am having the same issue. It started this morning with my first sensor alert going off. And I was never able to dismiss it. Now I have nothing but Intrusion detected stuck on my dashboard. It won’t let me clear them and my list is extremely long now. I get no notifications either since it has detected and intrusion since this morning. I hope someone figures this issue out. I have even pull the batteries from my hub and still it is showing intrusion detected and won’t clear.

I still have an intruder incident from September that I can’t get rid of.

Add me to this list. :frowning: already opened a ticket.

Still showing intrusion.

This is very frustrating. The easiest way is to remove delete the arm configuration from the SHM. Adding the new one is a breeze. After you did that, you will clear all the stupid intrusion message.


  1. Go to SHM and select Configure from the top left three button icon
  2. Choose Security
  3. Hit Next twice
  4. Hit REMOVE rather than select Done

After following above steps, your instrusion buffer will clear. Then you need to configure again. You are done!

That was easy.

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This problem started for me early this morning. Thank you for this suggestion! It did the trick for me. It seemed like just an app problem - I could see in my events history that the intrusion was cleared but it would never clear in the app until I used your steps to uninstall SHM and then configure it again.

Was going to come here and post uninstall and reinstall works! @Agus_Soewita beat me to it :slight_smile:

Still confused on how people are fixing this problem. Are you guys deleting your hub and starting from the beginning all over again?

I have installed and Uninstalled the app still it is the same

I am confused on what you are saying to do

I figured it out… thanks guys

I had the same issue. Thanks for the fix!

Anyone from ST want to comment on why this is happening? I really don’t feel like redoing my security setup multiple times. @Ben