Unable to delete classic users

I still use the classic app while I wait for the modern app to mature. When I originally signed up, I leveraged a specific email account. Then they migrated the logins to prepare for the modern app - which meant I had to use my “Samsung Account”.

My original “master” account was left behind as my wife and I re authenticated using our “Samsung Accounts”

Fast forward to today and I realized, after struggling to rebuild my Smart Things in a new home, I can not longer build “Routines” (Classic App). I have seen these anomalies before and worked through them by removing ties to old accounts and other things.

I assume that, if I can drop my classic accounts, some of these hick ups might be fixed.
My email to support has come back with, “I just wanted to follow up with you to inform you that we are unable to remove an owner as well.”


Has anyone here found a way to delete a stuck, left over classic user account?

I believe only ST support can help in this case. Try calling and speak directly with a support person instead of using email. That is, if you can call.


  • 1-800-SAMSUNG

9am - 9pm Eastern Time,
Monday - Saturday (US)

11am - 8pm Eastern Time,
Monday - Saturday (Canada)