Deleted Samsung account by accident

Received a suspicious looking notification from Samsung. Didn’t think I used the account anymore as I got rid of my Galaxy, so I deleted it. Came to realize later that it was opened recently for the weird/incomplete transition to the new smartthings app. I signed up again, but can’t access the IDE and some of my smart apps are not responding.

Anybody have any ideas?

Do you have another phone or tablet that you can download both SmartThings Apps to (new and Classic), so that you can test your login (other than the IDE

I fear that SmartThings might not be able to reassociate your Location/Hub with your new Samsung Account … but telephone them to ask. Please report good news!

That doesn’t sound good.

I have lots of tablets, but they’re all Kindle Fires, so of course those don’t work with the app anymore. Trying to see if the Galaxy has any life left in it, but it is a slow go.

Should I assume the worst in the event that they can’t re-associate my account?

Signed into both apps on another device with my new samsung account. Nothing is there.

I can still access my devices via the device that’s already signed in. I’m guessing that I shouldn’t expect that to last long?

I think the only prayer you have here is to invite a new user… The ID you just created. To participate on your hub before you logout. It’s under Manage Users on the classic app.

@tsl555, please report ANY news - I can imagine anybody doing this (deleting Samsung account) , including me.

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Tried to invite myself as a new user. It seemed to work at first, but the app didn’t see any of my devices. Going to try customer support tomorrow.

In the meantime, trying to see the bright side of starting all over…

Indeed, there is nothing they can do.

geez that sucks. Requiring a setup from scratch apparently.

This no-migration / no-backup thing is … not good.

Same happened to me, I deleted Samsung account by accident and now I have nothing in my Smarthings IDE, even if I was using classic app with a separate smartthings account.
It a bit frustrating given that the same smartings account work for this forum, but not for IDE.
There is any hope of recovering something?

The forum has its own login that is totally separate from your Samsung account t.

Indeed, but is the same account as smartthings ide. At least I used the same login. Anyway, we still need a fix for that from the support team.