Unable to create Samsung account - email already in use!?

I’m trying to get started with Smartthings, but I can’t get past go. When I try to create a Samsung account, it tells me that my “email is already in use”. So, in case I had created a Samsung account and forgotten about it I tried the reset password dialog, entering name and date of birth but it can find no matches on my details!

Anyone else had this, and what was the solution? If I can’t get around it, the Smartthings starter pack will be on its way back to Amazon tomorrow!




Cheers - pinged 'em an email :+1:

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If you happen to use Gmail (or several other choices), consider trying an “email alias” for your login ID.

(e.g., me+smartthings@gmail.com)


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Although that might work, that shouldn’t have to be done. I was part of the beta for account migration last week and part of the requirements was to create a Samsung account and I created mine using the same Gmail address that I use for SmartThings, and I didn’t come across anything funky like this, so I’m thinking it has to be something else creating this issue. Support is definitely your friend here.

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I can’t create a new account either. I’m trying to convert my long-standing Smartthings account to Samsung’s system. I use spamgourmet, and I’m thinking Samsung has a blacklist against all its domains? I use spamgourmet because: 1) To avoid spam if/when my email address is leaked, and 2) I have a gmail filter that automatically marks all spamgourmet emails as NOT spam.

This is kind of a deal-breaker for me. I don’t give out my gmail address for a reason. I guess I will see how long my smartthings classic account works. :frowning:

Select, “lost password”…