Samsung Account help

The Smartthings app on my phone is saying I need a new account. When I attempt this the app tells me it doesn’t like either Firefox Focus (default) or Firefox as a browser. They’re the only ones I’ll use. This is apparently a dead end.

When I use my PC I can find not means of making this change.

Anybody know how I can resolve this? I’m certainly not going to install a Samsung browser just so I can manage Smartthings.

Thanks in advance

Temporarily install chrome and set it as your default. Create your new account. Delete the chrome browser. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Still no luck with Chrome. Says my ID is already in use and when I try to reset things Samsung can’t find me based on name and what I guess is DOB.

Another dead-end.

Any further ideas out there?

Which app - ST Classic or ST Connect?

Classic as I’ve heard it would be a step in the wrong direction to change.

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