Can't get into Samsung Connect or Smartthings Classic App

I have a Google Pixel phone if that helps, so it is not a Samsung phone. I recently deleted the Smartthings app as Im trying to pair things with the Google Assistant and thought maybe Smartthings was getting in the way. Well, that wasn’t the case, and now when I reinstalled Smartthings, I cant get in.

On Smartthings Classic, it asks for my email which i put in and then it takes me to a ‘Samsung Account’ page that says continue with ‘my email’ Applicable Service: Smartthings (Non Samsung Android). And then has ‘Agree’ or ‘Use a Different’ account buttons. I hit agree and it shows the progess bar move for a few seconds but just stays on that page. If i hit different account it goes back to the email page and loops again.

On Samsung Connect, it keeps asking me to agree to the privacy policy. I check the box and hit the button to move on and it bring it back up in a loop.

It sounds like your SmartThings account was migrated to a Samsung account. I would call support and ask them to help you out.

How would this have happened?

Everyone’s accounts are getting migrated to Samsung accounts. It’s part of the migration away from “SmartThings” to the new “Samsung SmartThings”. There are a ton of really annoyed posts about the details. That being said, whenever you can’t get into your account, don’t wait for a solution to come from someone on the forum. Most likely there is something in the backend that needs to be addressed.