Cannot add second phone

So I’m trying to add my wife as a user for smartthings, mostly to use as a presence sensor, but also to control the lights.I go into the app on my phone, click on manage user, send an invite to her email. She got the email, created an account. But when she tries to log into the smartthings app on her phone (Galaxy S8), it tries to use the samsung account that’s already logged in on her phone. It then prompts her to enter the welcome code for the hub, which i already did on my phone. Is there no way around this? How am I supposed to add a second user to the hub…

This seems to be more and more common as SmartThings accounts are replaced by Samsung accounts. Email support and they can help.

I don’t think she needed to create a new account if she already had a Samsung one so maybe that’s why.

Click on Location, Down arrow Select your location (in ST app on her phone)

From what others have reported, I don’t think it’s possible to even get that far in the app on the new user’s device.

But @Automated_House is right that others got this sorted out by emailing support. One of many annoyances as the Samsung account system takes over the old SmartThings account system.

Edit: nm, i forgot about thread from last month that had a couple workarounds that apparently fixed it for some people without support’s involvement.

I don’t know where you get your info from, but that’s exactly what I did on my wife’s phone and it worked.

From reading in this forum. My wife and I both have had ST accounts for a couple years at this point. But as I acknowledged already, some people did get it to work. Others have emailed support.

Personally I’m not looking forward to eventually being migrated to a Samsung account.

It isn’t that painful and they are working out other kinks in the migration beta.

Your Samsung account operates exactly the same as a SmartThings account. All your stuff is transferred to the new account. That’s totally transparent.

Yup I think what I meant was I’d rather not be a part of the beta testing because some of those kinks sound like a PITA :grin:

And I still worry that when the whole thing goes live, it’ll still be messed up somehow.

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Ya, I don’t recommend you participate in that. I was in round one and they are still working in some of those same little issues. Let em get it all ironed out first.

:joy: You can count on that.

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