Schlage BE469ZP with Z-Wave Plus

Help! I have a Schlage BE469ZP with Z-wave plus. I’ve done everything trying to get this lock to add to my ST. I’ve cleared the lock, excluded the lock, reset and updated my HUB and lock, etc.

I have the hub about three feet from the lock during set up. The few times I’ve gotten the ST to recognize the lock, it asks for a DSK code which I don’t have for this lock. This lock used a six digit code followed by 0.

Anyone else have an issue with this lock???

First, I would suggest subscribing to Phil’s driver for this lock. It has more features compared to the stock Edge driver. But you can always change it later.

For adding, I found it easiest to add the lock manually. But you will need the first 5 digits of the device security key (DSK). You’ll find it on the lock itself, but it is on the portion behind the inside battery compartment. You have to remove that and it is behind on the metal. I think it was against the inside of the door where the serial number is found (white sticker). It’s also on the back of the quick install guide, if you still have that.


I’ve not used this lock in particular, but I have had inclusion issues with ZWave devices in general. I’ve found that some of my ZWave devices will not onboard unless the hub is within a very short distance to the device I’m trying to add, like around 12" away. I’ve got about 75 ZWave devices in ST’s and my best advice is to either onboard the ZWave device next to where the hub is installed, or take the hub to the device. I use a 100’ ethernet cable just for this purpose.

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