Unable to connect Samsung Smart TV

I’m trying to connect my Samsung TV to SmartThings via the Samsung Smart TV app in the marketplace. However, when I press “Connect Now”, it gives me the following error on the setup screen:

“Hub Version Error! The device you are trying to install requires a SmartThings V2 Hub”.

I’m already using a V2 hub so not sure why I am getting this error. Saw another thread mention removing the location and re-adding it, but this is a new hub which I have just setup so I don’t think that would make any difference (and don’t want to have to setup everything again either).

I’m wondering if the SmartThings app is perhaps looking for an older version of the firmware to check which hub I’m using, and mistakenly assuming that I’m using a v1 hub because the firmware is actually newer.

The question about checking hub firmware on the support site mentions that the latest version of the hub firmware is this:

Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)
000.017.00012 (17.12)

However, the firmware version on my hub is newer:


This is just a wild guess though, but I’m not sure why else it would think that I am using a v1 hub and not allow me to add my Smart TV.

Did you get a resolution to this? Contact support yet with any help? I am seeing this is a repeat issue and I am having the same problem.

Sent an email to support and they responded to me saying they were aware of the issue and working on it. I tried installing the app from the marketplace a few days after that and it worked so I assumed they fixed the issue though I didn’t hear anything back from them confirming that.

To be honest though, the app isn’t really that useful anyway. I’ve only managed to get it working with turning the TV on and off, and haven’t been able to make set the volume. It can’t change the source or do anything else.

Are you doing it through Smartthings or a different app? If so which app? I would like this all tied into smartthings so I can do voice control with Alexa.

I’m using the SmartThings app on my phone.

From inside the app, I installed the app via Marketplace -> Samsung Products -> Samsung Smart TV.

just get harmony and forget it