Hub Version Error when adding Tv

When I try to add a smart tv to smart things, it gives me a hub version error saying I need a version 2 hub. I have a version 2 hub though, any ideas why I am getting this error?

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I have the same issue. I just bought a SmartThings hub solely to control my TVs. Trying to integrate with Amazon Echo and create routines and I was told I need a SmartThings hub as if the $5,000 for the alleged upgradable 9000 series TV wasn’t enough. I have a Wink and Hue hub and few additional wireless gateways with FIOS. Any more hubs and the FCC is going to knock on my door!

Make sure you contact, but we’re aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Hang in there!

What’s the issue, what’s the timeline to fix it, are there workarounds? I too just bought a SmartThings hub yesterday pretty much because it said it would connect with my UN65KS800D Samsung smart tv and yet it fails to even add it in the app. It’s a bit frustrating to say the least.

Is this still an issue - just got the Home monitoring kit and loading up things, and still received the hub version error saying I need a V2, which I do have, what gives??

Has anyone got any more information on this issue. I’m getting this error on a hub that’s a week old and a tv that’s a month old. Both the old tv and hub were taken out by a lightning strike that came in through my cable internet connection.

I am having the same issue. I have a v2 hub and a compatible tv but still receive this error. Any fix yet?

any solution yet? This is ridiculous.

Has anyone heard anything yet from support on this? I too just bought this for the same feature and now that I am trying to use it am running into this problem. If this issue has been going on so long why are they still claiming they can do this? I wouldn’t have bought it had I seen all of your issues. I just e-mailed support and will post here if I get a response but wanted to see if any of you had yet.

I’m in the same position as you guys has there been an update on this yet?

Me too, have the same problem with a brand new 6-series Samsung Smart Tv.

I have emailed support for an update.


I just got my hub today and have run into this issue. Samsung, I see that this has been a problem since March. also there has not been a reply since March. SmartThings Staff. Please give us an update on the progress of this issue or a link to were it is being discussed.

Still having the same issue!!! Any update?

I am really not missing anything - there is no update on this. How is this even a thing?


Hub version error stating I need a V2 when that is what I am using