Samsung Connect can't see my Hub 2 after update

I’ve been working with ST UK support to get ST hub 2 to see my Samsun KS9500 TV so I can use alexa to do things.

Support says I need to get my TV to show in the Connect app(which I have) or it won’t show up in the ST app or alexa.
I’ve reset my hub and deleted my location. Reset my S8 plus but I’m still having this problem.

If I pick the hub manually in the connect app and put the welcome code in.
All I get is “please try to sign into your Samsung account” I am already signed in.
Both ST and Samsung accounts are on the same email, but different passwords.

I asked UK support if they can merge my accounts, and they said no.
I did talk to Samsung TV dept about it but they said it’s a ST problem not theirs.

Has anyone here know of anything I can try to get my ST Hub 2 to see my TV?


even once it shows in the connect app, the connect app cannot turn it on. it can turn it off just fine. i’ve done some research and theres a python plugin called samsungctl that works on my ks9500 but i need someone to be able to write a smartthing device controller and smart app to use it.

read a few of my last posts, i have the same tv and same problem, hopefully we can find a solution. until then i bought a harmony hub from ebay for like 58 bucks.

Samsung pushed firmware to the TVs which negatively impacted the 2016 TV integration with SmartThings Hubs. You can use both the TV and SmartThings Hub in the Connect app but it isn’t quite the same as the integration between the ST Hub and 2016 TV.

The problem is that Samsung TV people are blaming ST people for this **** up.
It’s also broke WebCore as well. Looks like Samsung don’t give a toss.


Me and a nice lady at ST UK support have been trying everything to get ST to see my TV with no luck.