Unable to Connect Light Bulbs To Smartthings V3 Hub

I am currently using a V3 hub, controller version 2.1.21-3. I have been attempting to add both a smartthings GP-LBU019BBAWU bulb as well as a Sengled E11-G13W2 bulb without luck. I have follow all suggested steps but smartthings is still unable to find either of these bulbs. I have 3 other Sengled bulbs that I have connected in the past, they work just fine. The smartthings bulb I had connected at one point but I deleted it and was trying to re-connect it. I should note that secure mode is off. I have tried the following:

  1. Reset both bulbs multiple times
  2. Open/closed the app
  3. Tried connecting on 2 different phones (1 android, 1 apple)
  4. Reset my modem/router
  5. Reset my smartthings hub (just off and on)
  6. Brought my smartthings hub about a foot away from the lights
  7. Uninstalled/reinstalled app

Still no luck. Any thoughts/help is appreciated!