ZigBee Bulb not pairing

Hey folks, using a hub v2. I recently reset my hub since I moved and wanted to start from scratch. I hadn’t really gotten into looking in depth at edge drivers but now, with resetting and adding devices I’m running into issues.
I have sengled ZigBee bulbs. I unplugged 10 times and reset the bulb and then went into smartthings to add a nearby device, the bulb blinks 3 times to show paired but smartthings never shows it. I looked and I don’t actually see the ZigBee switch edge driver in my hub. I tried adding the beta drivers channel but when I try to click install for the ZigBee switch driver, I get an http status 500.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Try @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc” driver. That is what I use with my Sengled bulbs.

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Thank you! Those worked!

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