Cannot pair Sengled E11-G13W bulbs

I tried pairing two Sengled E11-G13W bulbs with my Smart Things v1 hub following the support article here:

I reset the bulbs, got the bulb to flash five times. It appears that the beginning of the pairing process starts as the bulb will flash three more times, but then I never get the confirmation page that pairing was successful and the application never asks to name the bulb. I get this screen almost immediately after the three flashes (the part that says ‘it is taking longer than expected to find devices’ and image below)

I tried this with and without Insecure Join enabled in the Zigbee hub settings.

Thanks for any help!

did you ever get a solution to this - I have the same issue.

I was able to pair 2 of these E11-G13 bulbs last night, but I have a smartthings v3 hub along with the newer smartthings app. My problem is the naming of these bulbs. I can’t find where or how to name them otber than the default that was given to them when they paired. So both bulbs have the same name. I’m new to smartthings, previously used the Iris hub.

If you click the on the 3 bars in the upper left of the screen. Choose Devices. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right. Select Edit. Then click on the device you want to rename. In the window that opens, click in the Device Name field and edit the name. Click Save in the upper right of the screen.

That took care of it, Thanks