Unable to change to daylight with Google Home

Appologies if this has been posted before elsewhere.
For the past few days Ive been unable to change my bulbs to shades of daylight with Google home.
I have Sengled RGBW (zigbee ) and Hang RGBW (Z-wave ) lights.
I Have:
Deleted the hub and readded all things.
Deleted the Google Home and recreated the Home.
The Google Home on Voice commands says" Ok changing lights to daylight" but nothing happens.
Lights directly changed to Daylight colors dont work.

Works with:
Alexa works fine.
If I add a Sengled Hub, the Google Home works fine with that.
Daylight shades work fine directly from the smartthings app.

Oddities Im sure are not related:
A few days ago IOS update was done which said there isnt enough space on the ipad and it will uninstall some apps. Google home was uninstalled from the ipad but not installed back after the update.
The Sengled bulbs ( E11-N1EA ) are on diff firmware versions. Some indicate the version 48 and some 47. Before I re-added them Im sure it indicated the version 30 for the ones that show 47 ( I believe thats a Hex designation ).
Hank Bulbs are also two different firmware versions, but that doesn’t seem to have bothered them before.

Ive basicaly all the resets I can think of ( Google home deleted and recreated home ) and Smartthings deleted the hub and recreated after reset.

Another oddity I see is the firmware for the hub. My hub is ET-WV520 which I believe is the Connect home , But the firmware it shows on the IDE is (29.09)!
Where as the page for current firmware versions shows the correct version to be 29.08. ( Im pretty sure it used to be 29.08 a few days ago )

Is there I can downgrade to see if that works?

Update: Downgrade didn’t work. ( 29.08 Still doesn’t let Google control the white temperatures on a bulb.)

Now I’m fairly sure this is a result of the other backend changes made on the 17th Of Aug. If its not gonna get resolved in a day or two I’m thinking of keeping the Sengled Hub in place and removing the Smartthings.
p.s: WTF. Even tho I disabled upgrading firmware. the hub has still upgraded to 29.09 from 29.08.

I am having the exact same issue. And I noticed it 2 days ago. I have Ikea white spectrum bulbs. I was able to change the color temperature earlier through google home. Now, it does not work. Even though google home says “changing the color …”, nothing changes :frowning: