New ST App no longer respecting all GH color names

So, either the new smartthings app or the new Google Home integration does not seem to understand the same color names that it did previously.

While I can use color names such as “blue” or “red” when setting a light by speaking it or using the GH color picker, the system no longer understands “daylight,” “candlelight,” “snow” and several others.

I thought it just understood more primary colors (like my red and blue example) but it also seems to understand more esoteric color names like “Alice blue.” This leads me to believe that some color choices just disappeared from a list somewhere.

Doss anyone know anyway to get these back or get around the issue?

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Known issue that ST is aware of and looking into a fix.

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Fix will roll out on Tuesday.


thanks @Lars - I apparently used the wrong keywords while looking for this issue :roll_eyes:

Alice Blue ( or other primary colors ) is part of RGB Bulb Profiles. Whereas Most bulbs in domestic use are RGBW profile.
In anycase, Hopefully the incoming fix will resolve the issue.