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Unable to add my hub (stuck on "Turn on Cloud control")

Android (Q beta)
Pixel 3

I’m attempting to set up my v2 hub with the new smartthings app, but I am stuck on the “Turn on Cloud control?” dialog before it even prompts for details about the hub:

Every time I tap “Turn on” the dialog flickers and then re-appears; no progress is made, and I am unable to add my hub or any other device for that matter.

_(splitting post because of the 1 image per post limitation)

It’s also worth noting that the main menu appears really confused as well (no location—I assume that’s what the blank dropdown is for):

Possibly related: The app did not create a location for me, and manually creating one had no change

By downgrading to 1.7.16-25, I was able to successfully add my hub.