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I have both SmartThings Classic and SmartThings apps on my Pixel 2 XL. Classic works fine, but I can’t set up the other, it just has “Connecting to server, please wait…” until I close the app. When I go back in I’m logged in but nothing works, none of my devices, locations etc are listed.

I have the same phone and have both versions of the app loaded. No issues with either. I just opened up the new version & it loaded fine, so no issues with the servers I think.

I would clear all the app data, uninstall it, reboot the phone and try again.

Yes OK thanks. I’ve done all of that but no joy I’m afraid.

Did you check for another location in the new app?

First, just to get this out-of-the-way, what country are you in?

Next, take a look at this and see if it gives you any ideas:

FAQ: Common issues encountered migrating from a SmartThings to Samsung account (or: "Help! My hub/devices have disappeared!")

Do you have any VPN / Task Killer / Firewall / Data Saver feature on the phone (perhaps enabled from the factory)? If so, try temporarily disabling or removing that feature and try logging into the Samsung SmartThings app again.

Hi. Thanks for the reply guys but no Joy. To an earlier question, I’m in the UK. No VPNs/data savers enables

I’ll use the older app until fixed I guess, thanks!

I’m having the same problem and I opened a ticket and they concluded that they cannot help me because they do not support Android 10 right now. Are you also running Android 10?

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I updated to Android 10 on the Pixel 3 and I too cannot connect on the current version. Classic is still running.

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Unfortunately classic doesn’t include support for my iot devices, so until they fix this, I have a useless hub. I recently switched over from Lowe’s Iris thinking it would “just work”, but it does not.

Well, that stinks. I switched to ST from Wink 2 over the summer, the entire experience has been great until this speed bump. I’d give it some time- an update will likely be forthcoming, particularly as more people come online with Android 10.

I just updated my Pixel 2XL to Android 10 last night. So far both versions of the ST app appear to be working normally for me.

Keep in mind those of us who have updated are the bleeding edge. ONLY Pixels are getting the OTA so far, and only since yesterday (Sept 3). So, hardly anyone will have it yet.

Oh, and I hope Google opens up the gestures for 3rd party launchers quickly. My Nova Prime seems to work with it just fine. The only issue is going back home drops me back into the OEM launcher.

Hey. I’ve done the same and updated to Android 10 last night. I’ve just reinstalled the app and I’m hitting the same problem. “Connecting to server, please wait…” and can’t get any further.

I got a play store response to my updated rating,
" We are deeply sorry you are experiencing issues with SmartThings. This is related to an issue on our end for Android 10 and we are working hard to resolve this. We thank you for your patience."

Hopefully we’ll get a fix in a few weeks.

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Play Store pushed an update this morning that seems to have restored functionality. Oddly enough, it’s not even mentioned in the summary of changed lol.

I can access the app now and it shows my devices. Clicking on any of them however causes a crash…

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