Unable to add Monoprice Motion Sensor 15271

I have a Monoprice Motion Sensor 15271. This was in use but I wasn’t happy with the slow motion dection so I deleted the device via the SmartThings mobile app. I tried a different motion sensor but was not happy it’s false motion detections.
Now I want to return to the Monoprice but can’t figure out how to add it back.
I’ve tried various combinations of battery out/in, paper clip to press button from the back, factory reset, etc. but to no avail.
Within the Smartthings app I’m mostly trying to add via “scan nearby” as Monoprice is not listed as a brand.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Try performing a general (z-wave) exclusion on the device first, then you should be able to pair it with ST. In the ST app, go to menu > devices > your hub > 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave utilities.

I have several of those sensors. After excluding them I got mine to work by adding them as Ecolink Zwave motion sensors. They’re pretty finicky though, it may take a few tries. And be sure to keep them within a few feet of the hub when pairing. Good luck!

When you say to exclude the device first, in the SmartThings app verbiage I am doing this by deleting the device. I wind up having to “force delete” it.

Using “scan nearby” the motion sensor got added as an open/closed sensor :frowning:
So far it the Monoprice device is not added when trying to add via EcoLink.
I had it figured out at some point given it was working at one point before (albeit slow to detect motion).

I’ll try a bit more. Perhaps time to reboot my hub and see if I can figure how to ensure it has any latest updates. But perhaps it is time to spend more for a brand that the SmartThings app actually says it supports.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, try the z-wave exclusion following the info I provided earlier.