Help with Monoprice Motion Sensor Reconnect

Hi - I am a new smartthings user and ran into a problem. I was trying to follow the instructions on here to configure the Monoprice Motion Sensor with the new device type (so that I could get the battery readout), but accidentally deleted the device itself from the web console. Now my hub cannot find this sensor to pair with. Is there any way to reset the sensor so that I can configure this as a new device?

Yes, but first do a general exclude via the phone app and follow the exclude instructions that came with the device. If I remember right, there’s a tamper switch inside the device you have to trip three times very quick (while your hub is in exclude mode).

Once you successfully excluded the device, just add it back in like you did when you first added it. There are a few discussions/FAQ’s related to how to exclude devices, as well as discussions about these monoprice devices that may have additional exclude instructions.

Thanks. I was able to add it in manually via the web console without doing the exclude.

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