Unable to add IRIS 3320-L

Looking for some help. I have a couple new IRIS 3320-L door sensors that I wanted to add to my hub. I have tried using the QR code but receive a response " This device can’t be added using QR code". So I have tried using both IRIS and Centralite Open/Closed sensors. Neither of them work they just time out. What is odd is I currently have 5 of them working on my hub. Just can’t’ seem to add anymore. For troubleshooting I have rebooted my router and hub twice. I have also replaced the battery with known good one. All with the same result. Thanks in advance for any help you can share.

Reset them and try the scan nearby choice.

Also, did you have any custom device handlers previously for them? If yes, login to IDE and open them and Publish for me. There is a known issue where they can become stale preventing you from adding devices.

Yes I do have custom device handlers. So I opened them and resaved, then tried to add the new IRIS door sensors using Scan Nearby. No luck, still not showing up that way or by IRIS or Centralite device option.

saved or publish for me?

Yes saved and published for me.

Is there a factory reset for the sensor? Just shotgunning cause looks like all the obvious stuff was tried?

How many Zigbee devices are currently paired to your hub? Do you have any mains-powered Zigbee repeater devices? The hub has a maximum number of direct paired Zigbee devices of either 32 or 64, depending on the model of the hub. Once the limit is hit, you cannot add additional devices. Adding mains-powered Zigbee devices that act as repeaters increases the max number of Zigbee devices and helps to build a strong Zigbee mesh network.

I have the v2 hub with about 30+ Zigbee devices and 4 Centralite 3200-G Smart Outlet that as I understand are repeaters.

Not that this is extraordinarily helpful but I added one of these just Friday without any issues. I used the scan nearby method and it matched right up on my v2. I don’t use any custom DTH though.