Any suggestions for iris door window sensor status

I’m having trouble with these sensors. they pair easily with my STv2 hub but within a few minutes the status stops updating. removing the battery on the sensor helps but only temporarily. rebooting the hub helps temporarily. is this a common problem? is there a viable solution? due to final install location, battery removal every day is not an option. thanks

Ok, there has to be something wrong with either your hub location or the hub itself. Have you gotten ANY devices to work?

Doubt it’s location issue. I’ve had the sensors within feet of the hub. Just finished pairing 10 smartthings leak sensors, paired a leaksmart valve yesterday as well.

Also the 20 or so other items. Arlo cameras, harmony hubs, Cree bulbs,Wemo switches, singled bulbs.

Do you have any zigbee repeaters?

Is your hub at least 5 ft away from any WiFi access points?

How many cree bulbs are on your network? These make really terrible Zigbee repeaters. And the Iris contact sensors are Zigbee. When pairing the iris sensor, i would power down (not just turn off through ST but physically unscrew or pull the power from) all of your Cree connected bulbs. They are ZLL and might be screwing up your zigbee mesh.

Hmmm. Good question. One I hadn’t considered. It usually sits next to a mesh Wi-Fi adapter and plugged into an Ethernet switch unless I bring it to my office and plug it directly into the router while trying to pair multiple devices

Will try this although I think my problem has been pairing modes of the devices. They just won’t go into pairing modes. But again, I’m certainly willing to try!!thanks

What do you mean? You don’t have to put the iris into pair mode. As soon as you power it on it will try and connect. Just have to discover the device in ST. No button presses required for Zigbee.

actually, my bad… I was on using my phone and the same person (jimmy) asked another question and I got mixed up with my responses. you are correct. however, the issue with the iris sensors is constant stale status as described in the OP.

After further investigation, I notice the sensors don’t update status accurately only in the classic app. On the newer version it seems to work very well!