IRIS 3326-L Motion Sensor - add

I have several of these still working OK. I removed one yesterday while chasing an issue. Turns out no issue with it, but now I am unable to add it back.

Any suggestions or is it now trash?

I believe you remove the battery, hold down the pairing button, reinsert the battery, and continue holding button until you get pairing light to blink.

I had the same issue in October with a few of the Gen 3 IL07’s but I also think one of them was the 3326-L also. I tried everything and finally took JKP’s advice and called support. As soon as the support guy told me to try again, it started working.

That worked - I’d tried that several times. I think the pairing button is iffy. I held in with a pen I had nearby and it found it quicker than anything I have ever seen - literally instant.

Not bad for an ancient sensor.