Unable to add a device to a Room



I searched the forums, but cannot seem to find my exact issue. I just added 3 Phillips Hue bulbs. They were fine for a while, then I noticed that one of my bulbs was showing in Things, but not in the room I assigned it to. I logged on to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list and see it device. When I Edit the item, it does not have a Room aka group assigned to it. I assign it via the site, click update, nothing changes. I go back in and Group is blank again.

This is second time something like this has happened to me this week, earlier in the week I had a virtual switch just “disappear” from my list. Could not find it, so I ended up creating a new switch.

Don’t really want to delete it because I’m not sure how easy it would be to add back just a single hue bulb.

Any help is appreciated

Calling out @slagle.

Even I had a similar issue in IDE. I had assigned a device to the wrong room, I tried putting it in the right room, clicked update and it reverted back to the old room.

I’ve found that the IDE won’t hold the group setting but it will work fine if you assign it within the SmartThings app itself.


I assigned it when I added it, but cannot figure out how to Reassign within the apps. Actually I have no idea how to reassign any device within the app. Would appreciate the steps on how to move an item to a new room or try to fix an unassigned device.

Go into the room then click on the three dots in the upper right corner to select “Edit Room”. Select “Add/Edit devices in this room” to add whatever devices you want.

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