New SmartThings App - Assign Devices To Rooms

I migrated to the new SmartThings app, and all of my Devices came over (finally), but Rooms and Room assignments didn’t. When I update the Device to the proper Room, the Device doesn’t show on the main SmartThings home page. Any ideas on how to get the devices to the home page?

You can try…

login to IDE
go to the Locations section
click on Location name - most likely Home if you didn’t rename it
find the groups section
click on the room name
click edit
click update

if it does not restore them, report back… more things to try.

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Select on the device, press the 3 dots in the upper right corner, press edit, then add to home screen

Thanks, but I have tried that multiple times. It adds to my phone home screen, but not the SmartThings home page.

I did this. It was the only way I was able to get the Rooms over to the app, as the app wasn’t allowing me to add a new room.

My devices all show the proper Rooms assigned, but they don’t show in the Room sections on the SmartThings home page (first page when you open the app). I am on Android and have the latest app.

is your hub assigned to a room?

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Oops. Wrong solution. Go into the room and press and hold the device. You’ll get a little popup. Select set as favorite. That should add it to the home screen.

Do you have more than one location?

I don’t get that popup

One location with multiple rooms and devices

You only see one location if you sign in at ?

Thank you - I actually have 2 locations, and now see the proper location in the app!

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