No lights or switches showing up when trying to add a room. Only sensors and hubs

I’ve got a peculiar problem: Suddenly and inexplicably (to me anyway…perhaps I’ve done something), whenever I go to add light, or switch to a room and click “Add devices to room”, the only things that show up in the list are my phones (presence sensors), Motion Sensors, and Hue Bridge. No lights, or switches are in the list at all. (But all are controllable via Things)

I’ve done a search to no avail (Not quite sure how to word it though), rebooted the ST hub, tried from the ST App installed on a different phone, all with no resolution. The weird thing is, this worked fine earlier today after I installed the 2 new motion sensors and z-wave switch.

Just a thought. If those devices got allocated somewhere else, they won’t show up. Only unallocated devices will show up. Check your the locations on the devices you are looking for.

OK. I’m an idiot. That’s exactly what it was. I was thinking you could use rooms as groups and thus reuse Things repeatedly. (Example: Have a room called Bedrooms with the bedroom lights and another called Back Of House with the bedrooms AND Hall lights).

Thanks so much for clearing this up.

Yea,…I hate that. If they would show up after assigning a room you could make something similar to a scene or just one location for all lights. I wish they would change that.