Device - Removed from a Room cannot add back

I searched the forums, but cannot seem to find my exact issue. I just added 3 Phillips Hue bulbs. They were fine for a while, then I noticed that one of my bulbs was showing in Things, but not in the room I assigned it to. I logged on to and see it device. When I Edit the item, it does not have a Room aka group assigned to it. I assign it via the site, click update, nothing changes. I go back in and Group is blank again.

This is second time something like this has happened to me this week, earlier in the week I had a virtual switch just “disappear” from my list. Could not find it, so I ended up creating a new switch.

Don’t really want to delete it because I’m not sure how easy it would be to add back just a single hue bulb.

Any help is appreciated