UK Wall Power Outlet

Hi. Does anyone know of a UK (three pin) wall socket that is compatible with Smartthings? I’ve searched and the only devices I can see are from LightwaveRF -

Are LightwaveRF and ST compatible? As far as I can tell, they’re not.

I appreciate I can buy an adapter, or pass through device that is compatible - it would be great to have a direct outlet that’s also compatible.

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Sadly Ian I don’t think there is, but I do agree that it would be totally awesome. Hopefully something will come along

Have a look at this Lightwaverf compatibility There was a possible solution at the botton, although I have not tried it.

Hope it helps

Did anyone try this?

If so, does it remember the previous dim level?

Will it ever be possible to set the dim level from within ST?


It does now remember the previous dim level and is possible to dim from within smartthings.

Im astounded! Not just this but also other simple things that mean we can integrate our existing setups quickly, cheapley and easily into home automation. Whoever produces a socket and also a light switch first will be rich!

They will sell millions to the UK market. noone wants to buy an expensive wifi enabled bulb, when ultimately all they need is to integrate wifi with the light switch - not with the bulb. That gives you complete flexibility for lighting - without having to change any of your existing lighting - particularly when you consider most people already have expensive LED downlights etc

Same goes for sockets. If there was a wifi enabled wallplate that worked with Smartthings, I would buy them for every room in the house. No more requiring additional expensive & ugly wifi enabled plug in devices like the Samsung Smartthings power Outlet.

We need better convergance of products with existing setups further “up the stream”, so to speak.


The UK market is much more limited than in the US. Depending on the use-case, you might be able to get away using an Aeon In-Wall Micro Switch (there is also a dimmer version)

Nearly 12 months on from this and I’m finding myself with a similar question. There seems to be plenty of plug-in options, and plenty of bulbs and light switches, but no actual sockets that are in the wall. Just about to choose the sockets for a new build and was hoping there’d be an option to have some Z Wave (or ZigBee) sockets in it. Anyone heard of any?

I’m afraid I cannot find anything either.
I have gone down the LightwaveRF route with a Raspberry Pi.
Only problem is instead if one ST hub you end up with an ST and Lightwave hub and a Raspberry Pi.
Does eork very well though with minimal lag.

You could have a look at the Energenie Mi|Home range. They do a UK light switch and a double wall socket. They work well with SmartThings (some minimal lag.) if you use @alyc100 Smart app and device handlers. They also work with Amazon Alexa as there is a Energenie Mi|Home Skill for switch devices.
The downside is

  1. you need the Mi|Home gateway and
  2. neither the light switch or the wall socket report status.
    The Mi|home range has several UK products including eTRV’s and Smart plug adapters which do report status and other types of plug adapters that don’t.
    To be clear I have no association with Energenie other them as a user.
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Thanks for that - was considering getting some of these light switches until I read your posting. Reporting status has got to be a must!

For the most part I agree with you on status being a must and most of my light switches have Fibaro Dimmer units behind them. However I had a couple of places that really only needed control.
I have a light outside my back door that ligths the side entrance. It’s rarely used manually but I wanted to be able to flash it during certain alarm situation. It works well for that.

My double wall socket is behind my media/TV unit and can’t be reached for manual operation. I like to power my TV, Soundbar etc. down completely at night. Obviously I know if the TV is On but On or Off at bedtime I just tell Alexa or Smartthings to run Bedtime routine and it’s switched off. Because the Wall socket can only be switched on from SmartThings then Status is always shown correctly in SmartThings if that makes sense.

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