Best outlets (UK)


This may have been asked here before but I’m looking for the newest information possible.

I’m looking for a 2 gang wall outlet that I can replace with the original sockets. I’d prefer this over having two outlets plugged into the wall outlet as it saves space and will ultimately look better.

I have found these:

But reading the reviews they don’t particularly seem very reliable or safe. I intend to deploy these throughout my house and will therefore be plugged into various devices such as TV, home cinema, PC and so on. Not just lights.
It would be nice if the outlet provided energy consumption monitoring, with history.

The outlet, if 2 gang, must be individually controllable.
They must be reliable.
They must be safe.
Must be smartthings compatible (obviously)
Must be Alexa/Google compatible.

I’m in the UK.

Thanks in advance all.

Unfortunately nothing new to report. There is nothing that s directly compatible with ST.

Have a good red of this if not done so already:

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Incredibly frustrating. I can’t believe that there hasn’t been any products for this since at least one year.

Same here. Obvious hole in the market!

Wish I knew more, someone could be making millions.

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