Ener-j products

Hi everyone

so have been looking at light swtiches for a while now, something similar to lightwaverf and found this

when i emailed them, they said they are working on smartthings integration, so hoping it will happen and useful for people.

Wondering if anyone has already seen this and maybe has integrated already?

I haven’t come across them before. I am curious about the Smart Plug as in the video of an unboxing the plug has the socket the right way up at the top, with the button at the bottom. This means if your wall socket is too close to the floor you won’t be able to plug it in, and also the flex of anything being controlled obstructs the button. However the packaging in the same video, and the photos and PDF on the website all show the socket upside-down at the top.

Sadly it appears all the products are 2.4GHz only, as well as being a bit over-priced.

what would be a good alternative for UK light switches do you think?

They seem to require a neutral based on the wiring diagrams…