UK Support - Awful Response Times

I’m fairly new to automation and Smartthings however have been really looking forward to getting it in the UK and starting to get my house working with it.

Unfortunately I’m got three or four issues right. I’ve currently got 3 support tickets open and 2 have been open for over a week. I’ve had no responses at all about any of the requests. With this and the oAuth issue, I’m really frustrated with smartthings at the moment. Which is a real shame and I really didn’t want this to be my first post on here.

I’m aware this isn’t really a topic. I just wondered if anyone else is having similar issues particularly with Support just not replying at all in the UK?

@Aaron I notice from browsing that you need to be the unfortunate person charged with placating people on the forums! Is there anything you can do to get someone to at least view my support requests?

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A week is not cool for the UK team, but the US team is super jammed right now and I’m not sure what their backlog looks like. They are sending us obvious tickets, and we are stepping in to assist where possible (sorry to US customers that see spelling mistakes). There are some questions that we have to hold on because we don’t have clear timelines (e.g. known issue for which we are waiting on an update from engineering), but in those cases, the agents should let you know about the wait. Send me the ticket numbers 1-1 and I’ll investigate.

In fairness, I’ve had nothing but a great experience with both the US support guys (when I raised a ticket with them in error) and then it being passed over to the UK support team. They have all been pretty awesome tbh.

Keep up the good work @Aaron, I’m sure with the headliner issues right now you have your work cut out for you!


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Still waiting for replacement for faulty Multi-Sensor - It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported the problem to support. Despite an exchange of emails, I still haven’t had the promised returns label, much less a replacement.

@steveburton4 I just sent you an email… the fault on your ticket getting lost was mine (not the support agents). Going through the email process to ensure that it doesn’t happen to another customer.

@greenalien your replacement was transferred over to the logistics team a week ago but it looks like there was a typo on your email. The agents are following up with you directly with a very nice apology.

Thanks @Aaron. I was trying to message you the ticket numbers but I can’t see how to do it. Might be that I’m using my mobile…or just being stupid!

3837 and 3838 are the tickets that have been open for a while. But 3837 can probably be closed as it’s not not relevant since I logged 4042, which is also open. That will make sense when looking at the tickets!

From your reply I’m guessing they are in the queue to be looked at now so I’ll hopefully get a reply from support soon.

yep so far mine been three weeks with no answer from uk team, originally I sent it in error to the US team, they responded in days and said I needed to send it to the UK team and despite chasing the UK team up I have still not heard anything from them.

not great service to be honest

@steveburton4 sent you a note 1-1. Not finding a link is kind of like: (watch the first bit and then skip over to 2:40 for some real soul crushing-ness)

@markf same thing as above… send your ticket numbers over to me 1-1 and I’ll see if we can figure out what happened.

Happy to say that I now have a working Multi Sensor! Thanks for sending the new one without waiting for the faulty one to arrive.

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