Support ignoring uk customers?

Am I just having a bad time, or is that support is just really slow - I’ve been waiting two days for a response to an email trying to get my device activated and the 'live chat" which is totally buried in the Samsung support section had no-one active on it despite waiting for 30 mins and being “1 th (sic) in the queue?”

Hey @Stcat

Support is doing there best to keep up with the deluge of support requests they are getting. We appreciate any patience you can afford us as we try to get to every ticket as soon as we can.


They’re bogged down here too. The Hub V2 release is the biggest thing sine the inital release, it’ll slow down in a couple of months.

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I promise the only customer we are ignoring is @Chuck_Norris!

We discovered an issue with UK live chat where it isn’t always during down correctly at the end of the day and customers can get stuck in the queue. I’ve flagged this for fixing ASAP.

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Thanks for the updates @Aaron @keithcroshaw @slagle - Apologies, I was worried something was being lost in some transatlantic “who’s supposed to be dealing with these tickets!” affair! (was worried that (suggested in app) and (suggested on website) might be different places! - I ended up emailing both when realising this!)

Also, like many impatient brits rather excited to finally have Smartthings here - just sad I can’t activate my hub!

On the plus side really great to see an active community here - making me feel good about reaching out when building integrations!

Thanks again!


Yup, we’re all in the same boat. Time to patch some holes set sail. Good question about the “”

I’d go with to try to catch folks more on my time zone if I were you. I’m sure the one you read on your mobile (wink wink) is just a forgotten carryover from the US app. That email is everywhere in the app, a lot of work if they didn’t make it a locale variable…

I’m trying to be patient but 4 days to get a response to an email is rather frustrating, my power outlet is broken (essentially DOA) and I want another one :frowning: