SmartThings support's backlog is so bad I felt sorry for them

It only took them 3+ months to get back to me. :thinking:

Yeah, I have gotten several replies from reports I filed over six months ago, So much time has passed that the original issue has resolved itself or morphed into another problem. I think they are trying to flush out the support queue. LOL

Over the last 2 years, I’ve asked support for help about 12 times. I don’t think it ever took longer than 24 hours to get a helpful response. That might just be because they were commonly asked questions that I had.

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I just saw this (yep - I get the irony)… our support team is starting a hearts and minds campaign. We are going through all of the old tickets, following up with customers to see what kind of issues are still nagging, tracking new issues, and getting general feedback. If you are still having trouble, please let them know so we can tag and ticket fixes for engineering.



Ha, I got one from over a year ago and they got my name wrong. The backlog is real.

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and got another one from March… Clearly a copy and paste job. This is just pathetic. Stop!

Let these old ticket just die. Bringing up months (or years) old tickets and telling me things are improving is pointless.

I gave up on emailing support because nothing has improved. Nothing gets fixed.


I’m on the fence about this. Better late than never?

It sounds to me like worst later than never