UK Live Chat unavailable

I was hoping to use Live Chat today but it is currently unavailable. Rather unhelpfully the Samsung page says to call the 0330 number, which on choosing SmartThings, says to use LiveChat.

Why is live chat down and what is the timescale to resume that service?

Yes, yes… I know I can email (not the same)

I have no idea why the service would be down.

But if you have a problem post it up on here. You will get plenty of useful friendly support from the community :slight_smile:

Chat support in the UK shares tools with the rest of Samsung. We (along with everyone else) were getting hammered by Note7 requests, and chat for all of the UK - across all Samsung divisions - was temporarily turned off.

We should be back online soon - but in the meantime, feel free to email - the queue is looking pretty low, so turnaround time should be quick!

yes the reply came back within the half hour offering the solution to the problem.

Things looking really good for SmartThings at the moment!

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Uk chat has never worked in the 10 months I have owned Smartthings - I have tried many times & there is never anyone available. If you need to speak to someone, best best is to call.