Uk kit to eu country

I would like to buy a kit in uk and send it to Denmark where i live. Anybody have experience with that?
I tried to use UKPostBox to forward the parcel, but I seem to need a uk billing address as well.


On behalf of two members in Finland and Switzerland, I have purchased in the UK and shipped to them.

I can do the same for you, but will need to charge shipping etc.

PM me if you would like me to do so.


Hi Andy

Thanks! I Will consider that. How do i pm you?

Hi Andy, how much did it cost you between shipping and the UK Post Box services?


from memory it was about 14 GBP /16 Euro to ship to Europe (fastest service)

You need to have a Level 1 account on the SmartThings community to be able to PM members, they will need to contact you.

used borderlynx to resend the package to porrugal and despite the negative feedback throughout the internet on their service, i was very happy