Uk kit to eu country



I would like to buy a kit in uk and send it to Denmark where i live. Anybody have experience with that?
I tried to use UKPostBox to forward the parcel, but I seem to need a uk billing address as well.


(Andy Godber) #2

On behalf of two members in Finland and Switzerland, I have purchased in the UK and shipped to them.

I can do the same for you, but will need to charge shipping etc.

PM me if you would like me to do so.


Hi Andy

Thanks! I Will consider that. How do i pm you?

(João Ferrão) #4

Hi Andy, how much did it cost you between shipping and the UK Post Box services?


(Andy Godber) #5

from memory it was about 14 GBP /16 Euro to ship to Europe (fastest service)

(Michael Visser) #6

You need to have a Level 1 account on the SmartThings community to be able to PM members, they will need to contact you.

(João Ferrão) #7

used borderlynx to resend the package to porrugal and despite the negative feedback throughout the internet on their service, i was very happy