ST available for sale in the UK?

Apologies if this is not the place to ask but I couldn’t see anywhere better.

Is there a roadmap somewhere giving the timeline for when ST will be available for purchase in other countries?

Assuming that backers outside of the US got there orders there must be international versions of the kit built?

Specifically I would like to know if and when it would be available in the UK?

Many thanks,

You can buy from Amazon, unfortunately they don’t seem to have the shields or shield kits there so we got ours shipped to freight forwarder in the usa.


The current version of our hub is not CE certified, so you won’t see it for sale in the UK.

The CE hub that we shipped to Kickstarter backers was a one off run that we likely won’t repeat.

Stay tuned for more info about future international availability - and as always, if you have questions like these send us an email at

Thanks @Bart_aiotec , I’m getting the starter kit shipped from now!

Thanks @Tyler, it’s a shame there is currently no more info on when ST will be available in the UK, I’ll keep checking back.

Well I got my purchased my SmartThings from Amazon in the US and had it shipped over.

However, I have since found that the Z-Wave frequencies between the US and EU are different so that any device I buy here will not work!

It’s a shame no one thought to mention this :frowning:

I post this here to warn others who may read this thread later.

Anyone know of a way to hack the hub to EU frequencies? :wink:

Hi Jason,
Sorry to hear its all turned pear shape for you.
We here are not in the UK, EU or USA so was not aware there was a difference.

Thanks @Bart_aiotec. You mentioned that you use a freight forwarder - is there anyone you would recommend?

Our national post service provides a forwarding service called youshop I don’t know if there is an equivilant for the UK. We imported the thingshields at the same time which we added a rs485 driver to the prototype area which is talking to our hardware.

That’s really handy! I don’t think there is a similar service in the UK from Royal Mail or Parcelforce, but there are quite a few other companies that do it which I am sure would be happy to take my money :smile: