Package size on Hub only from Currys

I´m thinking of purchasing the hub alone from Curry´s (product link). “Unfortunately” I live in Sweden and it is not yet released here.

In order to calculate the cost of the shipping service, I need an approximate size and weight of the external package (not just the hub package). Does anyone here possibly have that?

Thanks in advance!

90mm x 150mm x 170mm.
Without weighing it I would say 0.5 to 1 kg.
Hope this helps.

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It does indeed, thanks!

As for reference if anyone else is thinking about this, it seems like the shipping fees to Sweden would land around 262.76kr (GBP 23.93).

Seems like Curry required a UK registered creditcard. Annoying, and out of stock at Samsung.
If only they would consider releasing it in Europe (as we share z-wave frequency)

Try thats where i bought mine. And the shipping cost was included, so no need to use parcel forwarding services

yeah, looked at eBay as well but no hub:s out at the moment (if you ignore the ones that want >£200 for a hub).

Whole discussion about alternative places to buy other than PC World here No stock? - Discontinued?

Its coming to the Amazon Co. UK (link from above thread)

I also got mine from, Currys wouldnt ship. Wait a few days and you should be able to pick one up! Good luck

I saw the kit at Amazon, but that is of no interest for me unfortunately. The outlet plug is a UK standard, and apart from that I already have ~50 devices so I don’t need them :slight_smile:

Will have to wait for an eBay listing or home that Amazon gets it in stock some say, or even better, vesternet.

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I preordered ST Hub from Amazon UK on 17 October (it was £99 + Expedited Delivery £9.96 to EU). At the moment Amazon UK doesn’t list the ST Hub anymore, probably because they got too many preorders. According to Aaron from SmasrtThings, this should change when Amazon UK gets their next shipment next week. So keep an eye on Amazon UK…

Just ordered a hub and a echo dot from currys through borderlinx concierge service. hopefully it will arrive :slight_smile:
Will be nice to try it out and compare with Fibaro, Vera and Domoticz.