UK motion sensor out of stock (or no shipping)

Hi Smartthings,

I was planning on ordering the Hub and a bunch of motion sensors for my house before going on holiday in 3-4 weeks.
But for quite a while now, the motion sensor has been ‘out of stock’ on and Curry’s won’t offer delivery.

I live in Denmark, and those two places are the only ones to offer the Smartthings products in Europe.
We are closing in on 1 year since Smartthings launched in the UK - why must it be so painfully difficult to buy these things, when you really really want them? :confused:

My question: What is the ETA for the motion sensor to be back in stock at either of the two places?

By the way, I have tried using Borderlinx (and their concierge service) to get hold of Smartthings products, but it is impossible to get Curry’s or Samsung UK to send the package to their facility. So my only option left is asking someone living in the UK to buy the things for me, and send them to Denmark, Sigh… why must it be so difficult?

Kind regards

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order them on, they will ship fast enough to Europe it is Zigbee so will work with UK hub.

Check for the aeon labs motion sensor - supports motion/lux/temp and from my perspective is the better device in addition I was able to get it cheaper than the samsung one as well …

Thanks for the suggestion. The Aeon Labs motion sensor is more expensive, at least the prices I could find, than the US ST Motion Sensor from (incl. customs/taxes/shipping).

Aeon Labs motion sensors might be more expensive but they are zwave, so if you decide to ditch smartthings in the future you will be able to use your sensors with your new hub. They probably also have more features than the smartthings one.