Europe - outside UK&Ireland Availability


I’m new to the forum but have already spend quite a while trying to figure out a way to order the SmartThings Hub (EU version) to Portugal. As many probably have already tried, I did not find any way besides using the UK Post Box service, which seems a bit expensive (if I understood their services correctly).

Otherwise, is there any group of people trying to purchase in bulk outside EU? :slight_smile:


Hello mate,

I just checked, royal mail to portugal as a small package (shoe box size) value of £50 still costs £15 with international tracking - not sure how much the forwarding service cost will be for the service you had in mind … Something to consider - else happy to help getting a hub shipped to you … All you may need is a plug converter as the uk units come with a uk plug

Alternatively did you check ebay? There are a few sellers who ship internationally / same for amazon if thats available in portugal … Just saw its not available on amazon I guess due to the samsung/currys deal in the uk

Did you check doesnt seem to be that expensive …

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Let me check your solution with, might seem interesting.

@r4nd0m just to let you know my package has just left Bordelynx facilities in the UK and is on transit to Portugal.

So far so good. When it arrives I’ll thank you again for reffering me the solution!

cool - happy that worked for you