Does it work in UK / Great Britain?

Hi, I’m really interested in SmartThings and was about to go ahead and pre-order the Home pack… however I can’t find much information on UK support? I read something a while ago (although can’t find it now) which said European frequencies won’t be supported initially. Not sure if that time has now gone and we’re good to go in the UK, or if I should wait a little longer?

Basically, if I pre-order now, what’s the chances of getting something that works in the UK?

Cheers, and congrat’s to Physical Graph on what looks to be a fantastic idea!

Currently SmartThings have only sent order questionnaires to US and Canadian backers. Kickstarter backers in other countries will receive theirs as certification for their country is achieved. We’ve been told the UK (and Australia (where I am) and New Zealand) are high or top of the list for the next round of certification.


Chuckles, you’re absolutely correct!

OK guys, thanks, :slight_smile:

I wonder what ‘high on the list means’? Are you guys guessing within a couple of months of the USA release we might see something for our UK / Australia / New Zealand? Or, more like end of year and beyond do you think?  I’m really keen to put a pre-order on though, just for the ‘free service for life’ bonus. Decisions decisions…

My perception is the next month or two, but that’s only my perception.

Hi guys,

Here’s what high on the list means :slight_smile:

We have quite a few Kickstarter Backers in the U.K., and we’re prioritizing countries by volume. Expect some awesome announcements in the coming weeks.

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Is there any update for international backers? I am in the UK, and it has been a few months since a update was available for international backers.


Do we have any dates/ time lines to set expectations.



@Viks07 - Yes, we have a follow-up update that will be posted on Kickstarter to address a few international concerns.