UK/EU Roller Blinds Compatible with Smartthings

Can anyone tell me if there is a make of motorised roller blinds that is natively compatible with SmartThings in the UK? Somfy appear to be popular in the US but I believe they use a different Z Wave frequency to the EU and there is a lot of tinkering to get them to work. Essentially I want three motorised blinds in my kitchen that will work with Alexa and SmartThings. I have a Broadlink Mini in the kitchen for the TV and fan so perhaps IR control might be an option. I also have a Broadlink Pro in the lounge for audio visual and the aircon so perhaps RF might also be an option if the range is OK. I don’t really want to have to purchase yet another gateway having just invested in SmartThings.

do you own a SmartThings hub? If so, Ikea Fyrtur roller blinds work directly with SmartThings.

Thanks Jimmy, Yes I have.
I did look at the Ikea blinds but they are a bit bulky and need to be cut down to fit my windows. Also they have a bespoke battery which might be difficult to replace later if it wears out. I was hoping to find one with the batteries enclosed in the tube with the motor. Perhaps RF or IR is the way to go?

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