Smart Roller Blinds Help (UK)

I want to install smart roller blinds inside blind boxes in my new extension over bifolds and other windows and to control these through Smartthings or linked platform integrations.

I have power cables installed at first fix.

Has anyone actually done this and what could they recommend ?

Any good and quiet zigbee or zwave or other roller blind motors ? Is it better to use 240V motors or low voltage (power & noise implications?) ?

The blinds will be custom sizes around 1.2m to 1.5m wide and a drop of 2.4m.

Currently wondering about Luxaflex Powerview which seems to have an integration with Alexa via a powerview hub. Probably a horrendously expensive option.
(Somebody suggested to me Luxaflex may be bringing out zigbee capable motors ?)

Has anyone actually done this stuff ?
I’d like to get a good quiet built in result.


It may be worth looking at Ikea Tradfri blinds.
I use their cellular rather than roller blinds.
Their blackout roller blinds are called Frytur; they no longer sell their translucent roller blinds (Kadrilj). They are all battery powered Zigbee. They are not silent but not especially loud.

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