(UK) Do either of these 3 gang light switches work with SmartThings?

Does anyone have any experience with either of these?

I want to have a 3 touch gang switch, with this appearance, being controlled by SmartThings. I don’t want to use IFTTT, trying to avoid that. I see a Sonoff switch is on the list of SmartThings compatible devices but it’s a different model.

Sonoff T1 - 3 gang

Yagusmart TuYa ZigBee Smart Switch

I’m, UK based, so square switches are needed, I have neutral wires so no issues there.

Happy to take suggestions for other brands in a similar price point.


the sonoff for sure doesn’t unless there is some custom code flashing option. I think neocoolcam has zwave devices that look like that and work with smartthings.

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Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t think that one did was wasn’t sure.

Talk to the people in the following thread, they should be able to help:

UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

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I’m pretty new to forums so just finding my feet, I’ll learn to look in the right place hopefully :slight_smile:

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have you seen these?

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the link, not seen those before but they are £125 vs £20, is there anything specifically different about them?

I’m trying to keep the cost down where possible as I’ve got about 25 of them to buy. Always happy to receive ideas though!