Light Switches - Potential UK Options

The Americans have so many options in this regard, I do hope at some time in the next decade (LOL) those options will make it this side of the pond.

Nonetheless whilst the real world is big, this community is small and spread wide across the globe and with so many of this community being the adventurous type they have acquired products and written code that may be of benefit to all. To that end I’ve cobbled together a list of various non American switches that may be of use to people or indeed for reaching out to others in the respective threads to seek or provide help with / for.

There may be others, this is just a growing list I’ve been keeping an eye on.

Aquara walled Switch

MCO 4 button (S312)

Neo Coolcam

3A Smart Home


Orvibo Switch

Kudled - No longer manufactured

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Excellent idea! You might also consider adding this list to the community – created wiki, and that way other people can add to it. Just put it in the “devices category” under “light switches (UK)” or something similar.

BTW, any zwave or zwave plus certified single gang switch on the UK frequency should work for basic on/off/dimming with SmartThings. It won’t require custom code for basic features, although it will likely require a neutral wire at the Switchbox. Vesternet always has some of these. (The dual gang switches may require custom code.)

Also, one of the most popular solutions for UK homes doesn’t use all in one switches. Instead people use one of the in wall micros from Fibaro, Aeotec, or other brands which can be placed in wall and then used with any regular switch.

The FAQ for UK lighting covers all of these general options ( although without giving specific brands and models) and more and might also be of interest.

One more DH for 86x86 no neutral required 3 gang switch

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I’m just about to re-do our kitchen and I’m a bit hamstrung by the fact these devices are on their way but not yet tried and tested. I’ll try to get the wiring installed in a way that I can later fit whatever light switches end-up being released!

The Aust 3 switches don’t have a working device type handler yet. :disappointed_relieved:

If you read the whole thread that you linked to, you will see that there was one that worked for a brief time but then a change to the SmartThings platform broke it and no one has been able to get it working again. They have been trying to talk to the manufacturer of the switches, but the issue has to do with how SmartThings handles multigang zigbee switches. Some can be made to work, so I’m not. So you might want to mark that thread as still a work in progress.

(By the way, that’s why that thread doesn’t have a tag for the wiki, we try to limit the quick browse lists to DTH’s which presently work. I know it’s hard to keep up with that in a forum post, the wiki is easier.)