3 gang zwave light switch? (UK)

hello people! i really do need help finding a z wave or zigbee 3 gang light switch that is compatible with smartthings.
any help plz.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat. :sunglasses:


uk. as long as it supports 220v. it would do. thanks!

It makes a big difference. Z wave frequencies vary across the world hence the question.

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US or U.K.?

There are 220 V options for both countries, but a number of other differences. For example, the Z wave frequency is completely different. So we do need to know which country, or at least whether you have the US version or the UK version of the SmartThings hub.

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oh ok. UK. sorry am pretty new to this. i got my smart things hub and amazon echo from the US.
they both work ok so far

Oh dear.
You might want to send it back. US Z-Wave frequency is illegal in the UK I believe. Assuming it is configured with a US z wave radio.

really lol. ok what switch can i use tho, if i get the UK version?

Before you send it back, go into the ide.
Select hubs and scroll down to Z-Wave.
I have a UK hub and in region it says EU.

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thank you for your reply, in order words are u saying there is no 3 gang light switch compactible with ST?
i have wifi-3gang light switches but i want to change to zwave as these wifi light switches plus other connected devices clog and slow down my wifi.
i have seen some like u talked about, fibaro. it mean i have to chisel or create a bigger hole to make them fit,

Edited this out because the UK gang boxes are NOT like US gang boxes. Thanks to JDRoberts for the explanation and pics.

So it’s not just radio signals, but how UK does its switches and gangs are way different.

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I’ve moved this to the UK section of the forum since UK and US switches are quite different in this regard. :sunglasses:

In the US, “double gang” and “triple gang” refer to the width of the switchbox, so a triple gang switch is three times as wide as a single gang.

In the UK, the switchbox is almost always exactly the same size. But it is called one gang, two, or three gang based on the number of switches in it.

In the US you can pop off the face plate and substitute multiple smart switches in this kind of format, But in the U.K., there isn’t enough room for three radios. :disappointed_relieved:

This is a typical one gang UK switch:


And this is the four gang. Same face plate (and pattress box) dimensions.


Unlike the US format switches, these are generally implemented as a “multi channel” device, which is a single radio with multiple end points. Again, quite different than the US dual gang setup.

Switches of this type are discussed in the UK Lighting FAQ thread which was linked to above.

There is a problem, however, right now with the official implementation of multi channel devices. It’s not impossible to make them work, but it is somewhat awkward and requires custom code. I am hoping that this issue will be resolved with the transition to the new platform which is coming, but I am just guessing on that I don’t have any official information.

For now, though, the best that can probably be done in the UK easily is the dual Fibaro relay, which has well-established custom device type handlers. But that only gives you two switches, not three.

Since we’ve established that the OP is in the UK, please confine answers to UK format devices.

@csc had some zwave triple gang switches working for the UK at the end of 2016, but I’m not sure if they currently work because of the multichannel issue.

Hi @JDRoberts, from what you know is the new platform an upgrade with latest version of the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, amongst other things?

Keen to understand as I’m very close to launching my no-neutral Zigbee smart switch to the UK market.

Again, I don’t know anything official, just what’s been discussed in the forums and at tradeshows, but the last I heard the new platform is not implementing zigbee 3.0 right away, but they did hope to get there eventually. But again, I could be completely wrong.

Can I ask what you are currently using?

that is what am using.

thank you all for your replies… still searching tho.

They are still working with custom device handler, support 2/3/4 gang zwave switches.

The default SmartThings multichannel app no longer working.