Triple gang switches? (US)

I am looking to automate some of my light switches, but my switches I want to automate have 3switches on one panel. I did a quick google search and most of them are WIFI based. Anyone know a good product that will work with Smartthings hub v2?

US or UK? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “one panel.“

In the US, this is a typical triple gang switch. It is about three times wider than a single switch.

In the US, this is a typical single gang switch with three controls. It is the same size as a single switch.


In the UK, this is a triple gang switch. The faceplate has the same dimensions as a single switch, there are just more buttons on it.


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I am in the US, and yes I have a 3 gang light switch. Is there a 3 gang switch that works with smartthings?

If it’s 3 gang, those are all separate switches behind the cover. Maybe post a picture?

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something like this with a wall plate… i am out of town and can’t take a picture right now

Yes, you can replace any or all three of those with individual single smart switches and it will work just fine. Then you just buy a cover plate for a three gang switch. You can get one of those at Home Depot, or if you want something fancier you can buy from one of the online specialty stores.

Or Some smart switch manufacturers, notably Lutron and Leviton, offer three gang cover plates for their own switches:

But as far as the switches themselves, you just get any single smart switch which is compatible with SmartThings and read the manufacturer directions for how to put it in a multi gang box. :sunglasses:

I’m worried that because we don’t have an actual picture of what he had, he may have 3 switches in a single gang. Probably not, but you never know. It’s kind of a weird image he posted.

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sorry, i am not well versed in switches apparently. sorry for the confusion. would if help if i told you that each switch controls an individual light?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help, because that can be true for either configuration. As @DavinD suggested, We need a picture of your actual switch and the measurements of it in order to help more.

I use this 3 gang switch from Zemismart and it works well. They have DH available in this community.

i finally got back and was able to take a picture… let me know if i need anything else…

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That looks like a standard three gang US switch. So again, you should be able to select single switches that work with SmartThings and just put three of them in the box with a three gang cover plate. Just read the instructions carefully, in some cases you have to remove the heat sink side tabs from the switches to get everything to fit, which reduces the total load that they can carry.

If you want a toggle switch, GE has one that should work:

@TheSmartestHouse May also have one in their Zooz line, I’m not sure.

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You also need to see if you have neutral wires in the box. Most smart switches require neutral wires.

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The Zooz Toggle switches will work here as well:

On Off ZEN23 here

Dimmer ZEN24 here

One thing to remember about these is that the stay in the neutral position and don’t actually toggle like the switches you have now.

If you’re open to changing the style to decora, there are more choices like the ZEN21, ZEN22 switches or ZEN26 and ZEN27 which will work better in 3-way / 4-way set-ups (with more than 1 switch controlling the same light).

If you’d like to keep the exact functionality of your toggle switches with them mechanically toggling up and down, you can also install a relay behind them to add Z-Wave functionality but keep in mind that the switch will then behave like in a 3-way when you will need to toggle it down to turn the light on if you first turn it off via Z-Wave and the other way round.
Here is a good 1 Relay device and you can also use this 2 Relay module to automate 2 switches at the same time (space and money saver).

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Can you tell me where is this DH?


Judy from Zemismart used to post the DH here. But it appears that post has gone.
There are link to both 2 and 3 gangs DH and SmartApp here

I really did not like the solution.
It is prepared to Classic app. The virtual switches are ok in new app, but we have one switch out of use.
I made some chenges in Zigbee Multi Switch, from Smartthings, and it is working better. And local execution, what is better, for me at least.
A problem I saw is that, in new app, the original switch stay with icon of a light. The childs with switch icon. Can I change this icons in new app?


OP, do yourself a favor and look at the Inovelli Red Smart Switches. The features are crazy and with a 3 Gang Box, just with the switches, you’ll be able to control a while SLEW of devices.

Thank me later. :smiley:

Hello Paulo, could you share this DH you did?

I am working on it.
With the changes I did, second and third buttons work locally, but the first still cloud.
I did some tests and second and third depends on the first, so, it is still cloud. I am trying to do the first work local, but I am not having success.