UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

I know that in the UK we are not very flush with smart light switches, when some come along they are generally expensive or require some kind of hot fix to make them work because of there being no neutral.

This is my personal experience of light switches in the UK and which ones I have finally stuck with. Currently changing them all over.

The very first smart light switches I had was from ‘Energenie’ when I first got them they felt super stylish and worked wirelessly. The price wasn’t all that bad and eventually as I moved over to the Smartthings system I managed to get them to integrate with the ‘MiHome’ app which pullet through all the devices. I found that the MiHome smart hub would sometimes go offline so routines wouldn’t run which is pointless, also there would be a delay of around 2-5 seconds (I know its not much!) the smart plug sockets would work almost instantly with no delay. They also provide no feedback from the switch to the hub so you cannot tell in the app if they have been turned on by the switch. You’re looking at around £15.00+ per switch. Own hub required and would struggle to work with LifX bulbs.

Pros: Easy installation, pairing is easy, the most varied designs, some of the cheapest (if plain white), does integrate with smartthings through MiHome app, good first step into smart home, great double wall sockets, provides switches capable of two way switching.
Cons: Has its own hub, cloud based service which does go down sometimes, support is slow, radio not zigbee or zwave so lights turn off one at a time, delay in turning on/off, doesn’t provide feedback to own app or smartthings, struggles to work with lifx bulbs when dimmed, loud clicking noise when changing state.

My second smart switches were the ‘Aqara’ firewire switches, they worked with a custom DTH straight into Smartthings but run through the cloud. I never had any issues with these apart from really struggling to get the right version sent to me. Regularly the incorrect one would be sent and given that these take 4-6 weeks to be delivered is a pain in the backside. These were slightly more expensive coming in at around £19.00 but provide feedback to the app from the switch and work almost instantly. You do get a loud clicking noise when they turn on and off.

Pros: Easy installation, instant on/off, provides in app feedback of switches current state.
Cons: Runs through custom DTH cloud services, nightmare to try and get hold of a firewire version, loud clicking noise when changing on/off state, no two way operation.

My third and final switches are the ‘Yagusmart Zigbee switch’ which you can purchase off amazon for around £18.99. They look similar to the Aqara switches with the only visual difference being a small red light which turns on when the light switch is ‘ON’ When adding it to smartthings it identifies as a ‘Thing’ so you need to change the type to ‘ZigBee Switch’ and it will run locally. There is no clicking sound when the light turns on and off and appears in amazon as a light straight away, there is no delay in turning on and off. Available in one, two or three gang versions.

Pros: Easy installation, local execution, instant on/off, provides in app feedback of switches current state, silent switching, indicator light is not overpowering.
Cons: No handler currently for double or tripple switch but can use the ‘Virtual / Physical device sync’ (TO BE TESTED) or any two way operation yet.

My personal favorite is the Yagusmart switches, namely over the simple pairing, work direct with the hub locally and are available in one, two or three gang versions. Also there is no loud clicking sound every time. Yes they are relatively pricey but I’ve come to a realization that most smart switches just are. I would be interested in knowing what other switches people have installed in their home. Hope you are all well. Joe

Edit: Added pros and cons to make clearer and titles of switches 04/06/2020.


Very helpful report, thanks!

One question: Were you able to get the double gang and triple gang Yagusmart switches to work with smartthings, and if so, which DTH did you use? (The one you mentioned will only work with a single gang model.)

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Great Post I was looking at all of these switches except for the yagusmart as they weren’t around when I started back in October or at least I never found them, I myself went for the fibaro dimmers and switches route and put them in ceiling roses or made my back boxes deeper if I couldn’t access the neutral in the ceiling.
How do you go about doing two way switches with these?


I haven’t had the double gang delivered yet but would use the Virtual / Physical device sync app to get the two endpoints from the switch. I will let you know how it goes when it arrives :+1: Sorry should have made it clear in the original post.


Will you be using the double gang switch in a two way as I’m not sure how these switches would be wired up in that regard?

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My current set up in the landing/hallway for a two way is a bit of a cheeky one, double gang aqara downstairs and a wireless button over the top upstairs. I did this because the back box is less than 20mm which is silly and no room to make it deeper. I will probably end up doing the same as the hallway lights are completely automated with aeotec tri sensors. I am not sure (only because i cannot find any documentation or guidance on them) that they support two way switching, if i come across it i will definitely post an update.


Found a DTH that runs the 2 gang version (maybe 3 as well, not checked) having received mine in the post. Use the main DTH and child device (below), when initially added it shows as a ‘thing’. Change the DTH from ‘thing’ to the main handler below and re-add through classic (don’t delete before re-adding). It also automatically adds the second switch after adding.

Below double switch, kitchen light and dining room light:


Mine were developed to work with Zemismart switches.
I commented out the fingerprints because there are official DTHs now.

Otherwise, you may consider using these ones with some bugfixes.


Thank you, I think because I’m using it for a different switch it only seems to work with the old DTH. It was very much a use and see if it works!

This is because the old version has a default child count of unknown devices equal to 3.

Whereas the official version has a default value equal to 0.

Just add the fingerprint of your device or change this default value and it should work for you.

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I’ve been following this thread as I am also very keen to update my light switches to smart ones. This thread has helped me understand things a lot more.

I’ve been looking at ordering some of these Yugasmart switches for a while now. Being fairly new to using Smartthings I’ve been hesitant due to my limited understanding of using the device handlers section to add third party products. This thread has helped with this concern.

My other concern is that some of these no neutral switches need a capacitor. I contacted the sellers on Amazon who said they do not supply a capacitor with the switch.

My question is, did you need to install a capacitor to make it work or did it not need one?

Forgive me if it’s a bit of a rookie question, as I said, I’m fairly new to this.


Thank you so much :grin:, when I get my second double switch I will test this with the new handler. When I messed around with it yesterday (before knowing this) It was an effort to re-sync! Thank you

No problem, although I have had a few different switches I am still learning myself. I personally have not had to add any capacitors to lights, no flickering as yet only a slight buzzing (you need to be within 1-2 foot of the bulb to hear it) Below is the manual for the switch, it appears that a Capacitor is recommended for the Wifi version but not the Zigbee one


Thanks op, very useful review. A few years back I bought 2 fibaro single switches and it was a pain to fit them in the ceiling roses, plus I have no idea how to remove them and put the wiring back to original, but this yagusmart switch looks amazing and I have ordered one to trial it, before I kit out all the other rooms.

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Always best to trial one for a few weeks first, it gives you a good idea on how they work. I bought mine for the Kitchen as it gets the most use with a motion sensor, it gave me a good idea if they were worth the money or not. Let us know how it goes :+1:

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I must have used an old one of yours, that new one works a treat! Thanks!


Hi, been reading this thread with interest as i am new to the scene and it has become a bit of a hobby for me, but there seems to be a lot to learn :slight_smile:
I recently swapped over my office light with a Yagusmart single gang light switch which worked well once i change the DH to Zigbee Switch within ST.
It is controlling a spot light with 3 GU10 bulbs and got a little flickering when using 3 x LED’s so i swapped one of them to a standard 40w which acts as the resistor and works well :slight_smile:

Just had a 3 gang version delivered for my garage and outside lights, and i am struggling with the 3rd switch. I stumbled on changing the DH to Zigbee Multi Switch which then makes the 2nd switch a Child to the Parent and seems to work perfectly for the 2, but had not joy getting ST to see the 3rd switch, but as it happens i don’t need that at the moment - would be nice to have the option thought.

I am yet to dip my toe in to creating Device Handlers…but it looks like this is what i might need to do, or borrow one from someone with a little more know how than me :wink:

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I just fitted the Yagusmart single switch in my living room connected to my 7 LED downlights…and I am must say I am plesently surprised!

I held the switch on for 10 seconds, the led started to flash and boom…it paried!

The GU10 LED downlights have no flickering (it may be due to different bulb type), instant on\off from the switch and smartthings and best of all local processing using the 'Zigbee Switch 'as type. I have just ordered 5 more. I strongly recommend these swiches, plus they arrive all the way from China in just 10 days!

One question I have, I wanted replace my standard double gang in the landing with a Yagusmart, one button is simple no neutral to light up my bedroom, and the 2nd is a 2 switch setup, i.e. i can turn it on from downstairs and upstairs and has some crazy wiring (it took me a couple of hours last time I had to change the brocken socket and that was 10 years ago, so I have no idea about it now). Is there anyway to use a Yagusmart with setup, or should i forget about it and leave it as it is?


Try this one from w35l3y :blush:
perhaps change the default to return 3?

I don’t think there is a two gang version (one switch upstairs with another down) this is what I came up with.