US Hub with UK Philips Hue

Hi I am new to Home Automation and decided to take the plunge.
Just ordered the Samsung Hub and Zigbee motion sensors from the US to ‘talk’ to my UK-bought Hue setup.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will work.
These purchases were made before I found out that the frequencies used in the US and UK are different. Bummer…

Anyway, just wanna know if the Hub supports both US/EU Z-wave frequencies similar to the VeraPlus hub .
Can anyone confirm this?

cheers, Z

Hi. I’ve been told no.
Can’t you cancel the US hub and get a UK one from Curry’s?

Sigh, the shipment is on the way.
Anyway, i will do a test and see if i get lucky…

I think you might be okay with hue as the two hubs talk to each other via ethernet.
Your zigbee side will work with all UK zigbee devices but the hub will be using an illegal boosted signal in the UK.
Your zwave side is a different matter. Its using a frequency which is completely different to EU standard and is in theory not allowed to be used. Unfortunately you will find it difficult to impossible to find anything compatible with it here in the UK.

The Philips Hue bulbs are Zigbee and could pair correctly across regions (voltages are a different story). However, we generally do not support direct pairing (although some of their newer products can be reset). If you are using the Hue integration through a Bridge, these are LAN and can work across Hubs from different regions.

The only protocol that varies from region to region is Z-Wave - US products will not work with a UK Hub.

The Vera plus comes in two different models just as SmartThings hub does: one on the EU zwave frequency and one on the US zwave frequency. You have to choose the model you want when you order it. And just like SmartThings, the frequency is set at the time of manufacture and cannot be changed afterwards. The same is true for other popular zwave controllers.

Thanks, guys!
Managed to find a buyer for the stuffs I ordered from Amazon US and decided to get the local version from Currys.
The local pricing is crazy.