UK Total Outage

Is anyone else having a complete blackout in the UK currently? If it isn’t known I’ll contact support.

No problems here. All working as it should.

There were problems yesterday, but it was supposed to be fixed. Definitely contact support.

Thanks @JDRoberts. I had seen that but oddly I wasn’t affected by that at the time however it is since then I’ve had issues.

The hub is basically flashing blue light no matter what I seem to do with it.

I have contacted support but with it being the weekend I don’t expect a swift reply.

As I’m currently completed without ST functionality if anyone has any suggestions of any potential fixes please let me know!

@steveburton4 Blue flashing means it cant connect to internet. I expect that would explain all your issues…

Maybe check the cable (possibly replace). Maybe restart the router, and after it is up perhaps restart ST. Maybe check for IP conflicts or see if there is a port block or something by mistake. After that then it probably does need to go to the ST support team, though not sure how useful they will be for network issues…