Offline..... is anyone offline (April 2, 2018)

I’m back online…thanks

Everything is working for me, status page shows no issues yet…

Getting intermittent connectivity errors on the app but seems to be working overall… I’m in the UK.

A minute after posting that message, I’ve received an email from smartthings detailing the migration to a Samsung account… Coincidence?!

Edit: Food for thought… Could waves of account migrations be the cause of recent server outages?

Migration has not begun, so it would be unrelated.


I too are getting intermittent connectivity errors

Also just got the same email - UK

Here is an explanation for the recent issues in the EU…

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The intermittent connection issues are in the SmartThings Classic mobile app, correct?

Yep is for me.

Edit: To update, the whole app is dead for me now and has been for around 10 minutes. If it helps diagnosis, I didn’t actually see any impact during the recent outages despite being in the UK. May have just got lucky!

Still having connectivity issues? Happens on data and wi-fi?

I had a couple of retry/reload screens.

All appears OK now… Was having issues on both for your reference.

Thanks for checking in!